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Yes, that is me...

About {joyce} d.z. photography

Mabuhay! Welcome to my blogsite. Take time to enjoy and savor each entry as much as you can as it highlights the majority of my passions in life -- from cooking, landscapes, travels, children, engagement and lifestyle portraits and so much more. If you are interested to connect with me, I can be reached through email, phone calls... I can also be just a tweet away! :)

Much love,
Joyce D.Z.

Throwback Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving

November 28th, 2013

Two Thanksgiving ago, we found out that we were pregnant with Eli. Hence, you won’t see me jumping on the pile of leaves in any of the photos. :)

Anyway, I am just keeping this sweet and short. We are extremely grateful for all the blessings of families, friends and so much more.
Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Much love,
Joyce D.Z.

Photo Du Jour: Shake It

November 25th, 2013

Just shaking things up. It’s Monday, let’s wake up. :)


Much love,
Joyce D.Z.

Fortunate Friday: A Talent to Share

October 18th, 2013

As I was working on this blog post last night while watching my little son sleeping so peacefully, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace within me. I am not usually very vocal on how much grateful I am until this recent Fortunate Friday exercises. Looking at my life deep enough, it’s not hard to see how super blessed I have been. What I asked for from God has already been given to me and so much more.

It is time to give back… and I want to do that by sharing my God-given talent to one family at a time. :) The Riggs family thanked me so many times but I actually do feel that I should be the one thanking them for letting me spend time with their family and see the love that they have for one another.

Anyway, here are some photos from the shoot I did with them.

While I wanted to post more, I don’t want to spoil the surprise as the family wants to use the images for their holiday cards. :)

joycedz-10-13-Riggs-1joycedz-10-13-Riggs-1-9joycedz-10-13-Riggs-1-5joycedz-10-13-Riggs-1-11joycedz-10-13-Riggs-1-10joycedz-10-13-Riggs-1-7joycedz-10-13-Riggs-1-12(I only used 10 out of the 100 good ones) ;) ;)

At the end of the day, there’s truly nothing more I need as I am already extremely fortunate. Riggs family, thank you so much again.

With much love,

Sneak Peek: Riggs Family Portraits

October 14th, 2013

I couldn’t have asked for more — I got an opportunity to interact with this lovely family under the most perfect fall weather… :)

I am extremely grateful!!

With much love,

{Fortunate Friday} Living, Breathing and Learning

October 4th, 2013

(Even though I started this on our baby’s blog, I think it’s more appropriate for this to be posted here)

This week has been and will be a busy week. I just spent 3 days attending the Grace Hopper Convention with over 4000 women in Computing and this coming Sunday, I will be running with about the same number of runners (I think) for the 10-mile TCM. Anyway, for this Friday, I am grateful for my own existence. For being given and blessed with a strong body, mind and heart; for the opportunities that God is giving me to harness most of it; for feeling the wind and the drizzle on my face; for seeing the colors and life around me; for hearing the flock of birds go by…. for all the things (and of course the people) that/who make me matter…


Happy Friday!

With so much love,
Joyce D. Z.

Happy 41st Anniversary

September 10th, 2013

Many of you are still asking from time to time how my mother is. She is still recovering slowly but is making good progress with her rehabilitation. My dad remains a steady and strong companion and is never leaving her side.

Last year, we celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary here in Minneapolis but earlier this year, I thought it was the last. But with God’s grace, it wasn’t. I am not ashamed to admit that my faith was shaken but it was through my father’s actions and deeds (he’s a man of few words) that I realized that it won’t be and that there’s Miracle to life.

My sister Jot wrote this about my parents —

“True love means staying with the person you love no matter how difficult life gets, no boundaries, not one week, not one month, not ever… That’s why I admire the great love of my mom and dad. Watching them taking care of each other in their own ways made me realize what true love bounded by God means. Things may not be as perfect as it used to be, with mom still lying helpless on her bed and dad catching sickness sometimes, but everyday, everynight, every minute they never fail to be by each others’ side. Helping one another get by each difficult moment. Giving words of encouragement to one another that no matter how tiring and hard and painful things may be, they will always be there to support each other, to love one another.”

Today, they are celebrating their 41st of strong togetherness and my wish for them is to touch lives of more couples (not just mine or ours) and be a beaming example of what true love really means.

Mommy and Daddy – you are my inspiration and my guide. Thank you so much for being wonderful parents to us but more importantly, the best husband and wife to each other.

We love you so much and see you again soon this December.

With So Much love,


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